Tuesday, March 7, 2017

2017, we made it.

After a long hiatus, it seems there's a lot going on, and I'm suddenly feeling inspired to share. To take the pressure off of blogging, I've become totally comfortable in saying this is my occasional place to share. I'm releasing myself of the (self-imposed) pressure of either blogging full throttle or not at all. I'm giving in to the sporadic and allowing myself to post whenever I feel the urge.

Truth be told, sometimes I just want to make stuff or go places and I don't want to also stage nice photo shoots and come up with ways to talk or write about it. Do I really need to document my every project or fun thing? No, I don't, and if I'm the only one reading my very sporadic posts, I'm totally cool with that.

Still, I do feel compelled to share a few things since my last post was May of 2016.

First, David and I got married last summer! We'd been together 10 years, and on our 10 year anniversary we eloped on the top of a rooftop in downtown Providence. It was amazing, and perfect. I got a lot of questions about eloping, which inspired Eloping: FAQ, a post I did over on the Lady Project blog. Are you thinking about eloping? I love chatting about it! (Photo by Brittanny Taylor.) 

Second, 2016, damn, what a bruiser. Prince, George Michael.....the election. Ugh. I know we're all still living the results of that particular nightmare, but hopefully with a renewed sense of activism. We can change the course of this, the midterms aren't that far away.

Lastly, 2017 kicked off with a trip to Spain and I've been doing a lot of weaving. Two things I'm feeling inspired to blog about, so stay tuned for more pieces about the country I keep falling more in love with, and the weaving that is helping to ground me and keep me sane in this bizarre moment in history.