Friday, September 11, 2015

Turning 40 in the Andes

Certain trips are hard to sum up easily. For everyone who asked me, "how was your trip?" I found myself at a loss of how to answer. How do you sum up seeing Machu Picchu in small talk? When my massage therapist asked me how my trip was, I stumbled and told her it's so hard to answer. "Forever changed?" she asked. Yeah, I am. I've been home nearly 2 weeks, and am still coming down from this experience.

Despite all the jokes about turning 40, I'm really excited about this next decade. Each decade brings with it new adventures, renewed confidence and moments of clarity. I turned 40 at the Incan ruins in Moray and felt so happy at where I am in life and ready for whatever is coming next.

Peru is way too huge a trip to sum up in one blog post, so expect a lot of small ones over the next couple of weeks as I come down from this high.

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