Sunday, April 5, 2015

A weekend in Boston for #WITS15

Last weekend I headed up to Boston for my first ever  Women in Travel Summit, put on by She's Wanderful (previously known as the Go Girl Network). It was an inspiring weekend spent with 300 women, passionate about travel.

Last year I joined the editorial team of The Lady Project blog as travel editor and decided to reboot my personal blog with more of a travel focus. WITS turned out to be the perfect shot of inspiration for both of these endeavors.

Not only did I attend some valuable workshops full of helpful technical info, I also heard some inspiring key note addresses about the travel industry and traveler's individual experiences. Most importantly, I met and chatted with many other like minded women. Usually admitting we want to take a year off and travel the world, or save enough to retire early and live in South America for a stretch, gets raised eyebrows and comments like "ok, come back to reality." Not this group. Instead I heard, "Oh, did you talk to Kathryn? She did that." It was so refreshing.

Personally, this summit helped me realize that the work I've been doing since 2009 may seem different, but it's actually not. I have experience with running my own business, branding myself, and navigating various forms of income flows. My interests are also not as all over the place and I was imagining them. Craft, art and travel all fit together in my world, and I have a lot of stories to tell.

Speaking of which, I couldn't go to a weekend long conference about travel without something to take notes in. I was torn between making a new journal, and using a Moleskine that was the perfect size for this occasion. I decided to compromise and make a cover for the Moleskine using a vintage time zones map. Worked perfectly.

An unexpected outcome was that WITS inspired me to start promoting David's wine blog. Started in 2004, it's a rich resource for wine lovers, and more people should be reading it. This week I set up a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account for him. Please follow along!

I'm definitely feeling energized.