Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Journal for Lisbon

December was a busy month for my handmade business. For sale at Craftland's holiday show, I opted to make just Providence and Rhode Island journals, and instead of doing tons of books, make scarves. I knit some, woven a bunch and they (almost) all sold. As for Etsy, I listed journals that would be made to order, instead of already made. This proved brilliant (why hadn't I done that all along!) since I only made what I sold and could list a lot. I spent December feverishly making books before and after my 9 – 5 job. It was exhausting, but worth it.

With January, came time to focus on a journal for myself. I'd been experimenting a lot this past year with embroidery. I did some crewel embroidery, inspired by our trip to Angkor.

I had also been going through old textile books and embroidering designs on them.

This eventually led me (obviously) to embroider on a map. I found one the right size and started by embroidering bodies of water, then the border, and trying to keep the stitches growing from Lisbon. I also experimented with different thicknesses of thread, to add texture.

I then trimmed the map down and used it for the cover of the journal, along with bookcloth. I was happy with the result and it proved to stand up to being used, and going in and out of my bag the week long trip.

For this journal, I made a title page using an image of the mosaic at Belém, a landmark I knew we'd be seeing, and emblematic of Lisbon and their Age of Discovery.

I put a pocket at the back of the journal, and in there stored small glassine envelopes that I could glue in as needed, to fill with ephemera.

This trip I tried to make a point of doing more collages on the go, using things I picked up and also trying to sketch more as I go. I don't draw well at all, but am always happy when I get home if I have little sketches throughout a journal.

At four signatures, it proved the perfect size for a week.

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  1. I love this idea for a travel journal! The embroidered map makes it so personal and special. Including little envelopes, to collect ephemera and souvenirs, is a great idea!