Monday, October 15, 2012

SW Road Trip Journal

It's always hard to know where to begin when I get home from a trip. There's always the feeling of overload, and I never know which amazing thing to talk about first. While I process all the natural beauty and grandeur of nature, I'll just start with my journal. 

My journal worked perfectly for this trip. The pocket the on the back to store things was a good touch, and it was handy to be able to make pockets to store things throughout the journal as I went along. The only negative is that the larger size made it a little cumbersome. I found I wasn't using it as much for jotting things down in places I wanted to be more discreet (like wine notes during dinner). Still, the point of it being larger was to fit all the National Parks maps, and for that it was perfect. In the end, I don't think the size kept me from doing much. This wasn't a fine dining kind of trip anyway. 
One of my favorite details of this journal was that I thought ahead and included travel times between stops. Neither of us have a smart phone, we didn't have a GPS, and we both like to unplug on trips as much as possible. It was great to quickly look up what was ahead of us, a perfect road trip detail.
I'll confess that before I watched the Ken Burns documentary about the National Parks, I didn't know about their passport stamps. Admittedly, I usually am the only adult at the stamp station, but I have to stamp my journal. I just love passports, and I think it's such a great idea to have a serious for the National Park system. 
It's no surprise that D and I are both pretty geeky when it comes to maps and geography. I had fun recording our mileage at the end of each day to see what we drove. This was the total. We hadn't done a road trip like this before, and we loved it. It was a different kind of trip, and the perfect way to see this part of the country. Of course, on our way to the airport we were feeling sad about returning our car, and tossing around ideas of where our next one should be. Yellowstone? California Coast? Too many options...

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