Monday, July 23, 2012

Creative Challenge

This fall D is turning 40 and we'll be celebrating with a road trip through the southwest. We will fly in and out of Phoenix and do a big loop from there. The highlights will be Monument Valley, Arches National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, Canyon de Chelley, the Petrified Forest and that huge meteor crater. We're so excited!

To get ready for the trip, we've tasked ourselves with a creative challenge. D has been wanting to get to know his new camera better, and I want to to spend time on this trip using my small watercolor set, attempting to capture the gorgeous southwest landscape in my journal. My problem? I'm not particularly good at drawing or painting (kind of a big problem), yet I always want to include sketches and small paintings in my travel journals.
So, our challenge is to spend 15 minutes each day focused on practicing these skills. For D it's mostly refreshing his memory on photography techniques he hasn't used in a while, plus learning how to do these things on his new camera. For me, it's more learning techniques and practicing them a lot.

Today we went outside to our small, urban garden (which is solely the hard work of our neighbors, I'll take no credit). We each picked something we were going to focus on and spent 15 minutes working. For me, I did some exercises in holding my brush and making lines, and also using negative space to make a shape. 15 minutes went by in a flash and we're feeling a little more inspired. Hopefully we keep it up! (If I blog about it, I'll be held more accountable.)

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