Monday, June 18, 2012

New Toy

Yesterday, D and I went to our favorite lake for the first time this year. It felt so good to unplug and relax. We were excited to use our new toy, an underwater camera. When we were in Maui, we bought a disposable one. By the time we had it developed, it seemed like a lot to spend, for one or two good photos. So, we've been looking for an inexpensive digital one. While it was too cool to swim yesterday, we tried it out at the edge of the lake. D attracted some fish over with some bread, and I stuck my hands underwater and tried it out. We're excited with the results!

It even has a video setting. Now, we just need to plan a trip some place tropical for some more colorful fish! Check out our first video here.

As usual, D spent the day tending his Little Weber Grill, he smoked a whole chicken and made his tasty potato dish that I love. Also, he grilled up some small, sweet peppers.

I spent the day with a book on watercolor painting, and my travel watercolor set. Whenever I use this little set on a trip, I always wish my skills were better. Not that I have any desire to be a painter, I do like to sit and chill and capture things quickly, and colorfully, in my journal. So hopefully I'll improve my skills a bit between now and our next trip. (Hint, it will be in October. We're in the process of finalizing what to do for D's 40th.)


  1. I totally want an underwater camera. Which model do you have?

    1. This is the one we got, it's pretty basic, but not expensive and works well.

  2. Nice pictures Kristin! I want a UWC.... that's what I'm calling it now.

  3. Nice shots! Now I totally want an underwater camera too!