Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Anniversary Presents!

A few weeks ago D said to me, "I think I should tell you what I'm thinking of getting you for our anniversary, because I think you might be getting me the same thing." I guess we know each other well! We decided to buy the set of East Maui prints by Everything is Jake for our kitchen. We already have the Kauai set, which we love, but we've been loving the East Maui ones too. We decided we can have both, and rotate our kitchen art every 6 months.
We have such a soft spot for Maui, and East Maui especially. We visited all three of these places and loved every one! The first print is of the Road to Hana. We did the famous drive and spent three nights in the tiny town of Hana and felt like we were experiencing an untouched Hawaii. 

The second print is of Kipahulu Bamboo Forest. We hiked through this on a gorgeous hike that finished at a waterfall where we went swimming. 
The last print is of sunrise at Haleakala. This was an amazing experience. We drove up the dark, windy road in the middle of the night and then stood out in the cold to see the sun rise. 

I love that the Haleakala print also includes a mention of the silversword, a plant that only grows on Haleakala.
And while D was smart enough to check before buying these (because I had contemplated it) I had already bought him a present. At Craftland, I bought this screenprint from Sibling Design. I see a theme. Think we like to travel? 
Another highlight of celebrating was reaching into the cellar for some fancy bubbly. We felt pretty bad ass drinking Cristal. You can read our review of it here. What better thing to sip while planning our next place to visit?

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