Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Map!

For years I've thought it was crazy that I didn't have any map on my studio wall. That changed this week. D bought me a map wall decal that is now up on a wall in my studio. What makes this one extra awesome is that it's also a dry erase surface. So now I have a handy spot to mark where I've been, where I'm wanting to go next (long list) and where I've shipped my books to.

Nothing like marking off where you've been on a big map to give you the itch to travel. Where to next?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Twist 2012, this weekend!

Twist Craft Fair

Wow, it's already May, and already time for another Twist. For the third spring in a row, I'll be selling my wares there this weekend. Just like last year, Twist is falling on Pride weekend, so if you're in the area there will be lots to do. We all know that Pride parades are the most fun kind, so come on out! Twist is open Friday night, from 5-9 and then Saturday, from 10-6. I've had a crazy two weeks, so that means lots of stuff!