Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Travel: London & Barcelona!

I did a crazy thing this past weekend. I made something . . . for myself! After an unusually busy October - December, it feels fantastic to have some down time. I have been struck with the usual craft burnout, and am allowing myself to slow down and recharge. Part of that slowing down involves reading a lot of guide books. This winter, D and I are going to Barcelona for a week! On the way, we'll be spending 3 nights in London to visit some of D's family. We're super excited.

To get prepared, I made our journal for the trip this past weekend. I needed a break from my usual sewing style for this one, so I decided on a longstitch binding, with a hard spine. I had been saving this map of Spain just for me, and I think it looks great.
Each year, it seems I put more thought into a title page. I did it first for our trip to Ecuador in 2010, and then again for Maui in 2011. For Barcelona I included the iconic La Sagrada Familia.
I also used an array of pastel papers for the inside, and included some envelopes to store things we collect along the way.
Now that I have the journal, it feels official. I'm ready to hop on the plane! Anyone have any favorites in Barcelona that are not to be missed? Anything off the beaten path, or any tastes I shouldn't miss?

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