Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fort Worth was delicious.

Previous visits to Texas were mostly spent visiting D's family, where we do plenty of eating, I assure you. Last fall's trip we wanted to include some authentically Texan cuisine.
First up was my first visit to a Waffle House. As a lover of breakfast, it was hard to pass up, since there was one right next to our hotel. I'm not usually one for fast food, but this struck me as having more of a diner feel than a regular fast food chain.
In Fort Worth, my first meal was chicken fried steak, at the Fort Worth institution, Lucille's. I had the steak, and D had a salad. (I'm always amused when they automatically give me the salad.) This was also my first beignet, fried dough in any form is usually a good thing.

The highlight of Texan cuisine, for me, was the barbecue. I love slowly cooked meat. A friend of D's had suggested Angelo's as the perfect place for a truly authentic experience. He was right, there were plenty of big smokers lining the building and it wasn't full of tourists, but people on their lunch break. This place was the real deal, taxidermy decorating the place and lots of wood paneling.

In Texas, barbecue usually means brisket, so that's what I went for, while D did ribs. Our meals came in a styrofoam plate, and no options for glasses with your beer.

Our last morning there, I decided I had to have the Texas biscuits for breakfast. It was sort of crazy. A huge biscuit, cut in two and covered with gravy, two eggs, bacon and potatoes. There's a reason we were eating a whole lot of salads when we got back home.

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  1. Cool! We're going to FW next year for a wedding - I've never been. The chicken fried steak looks insane (in a good way).