Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Crafting Madness

What can I say, it's December, of course I'm not blogging! I should know by now that the holiday season will throw me into a whirlwind of setting up shows, folding paper and trying to get the glitter out of my eyes from Craftland. This year has proven no different. Just when I thought I'd be more sane because I signed up for fewer shows, I ended up with some freelance work that has filled up that time. Oh well, I'll be bored in February and March, right?

Twist was my first show of the season, and proved to be as fun as usual. D was able to come to this one, so I even got some time to walk around the town and take in some tasty food.

Next up on my list was Craftopia, part 1. What could be better than a craft show? Why, a craft show where the Chez Pascal truck is parked outside. Yum! Craftopia, part 2 will be this Sunday, December 11, from 10-4.

While all this is going on, Craftland has been supersized to its holiday show size. Last Friday's opening party was as fun as usual, and the work this year is simply amazing. It's the TENTH holiday show for Craftland, and we'll all super excited about it.

With all this going on, we decided to have a mellow Thanksgiving this year. Both our families live either a long car ride, or a plane ride away, and while we love visiting, it's also nice to enjoy a holiday a home for a change. So this year we did just that. D made a delicious dinner, with a mole poblano style turkey, and I lounged around on the couch for most of the day planning our 2012 trip. Where are we going? London and Barcelona! So excited!

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