Monday, April 4, 2011

Cork Board!

Yesterday I finally finished the cork board I was working on for D's office. We decided to try and snazz it up by buying a frame and putting all the corks within the frame. I think the finished edge of the frame looks nice, but the drawback was that the corks didn't all fit as perfectly as I would have liked, so there's some open space. Still, I try to remember that paper and stuff will be tacked up onto the corkboard, so I didn't need to go too nuts.
I went with a border of regular corks, and the inside are bubbly corks. Delicious to do all the cork gathering, and I think the end result looks good. Should spice up a corporate office, don't you think?


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  2. This reminds me of a bath mat my family saw in an english stately home (can't remember which one as it must have been 15 years ago at least), my parents were of course inspired to make their own and have a good excuse to increase their bubbly consumption! I put one together eventually, but unfortunately a couple of years later it had to be chucked out after going rotten because it never got dried out properly after people's baths.