Monday, March 7, 2011

Another Flat Stanley

D and I were asked (again) to take part in a Flat Stanley project. (We did one last year too, you can read about it here.) This one came to us from my niece in New Jersey. She's 5 and the Flat Stanley she sent me wasn't the usual one I'm used to, but a handmade one! I particularly like his hot pink hair. Since she's a little younger than the kids who have asked us to do this in the past, we had to make some revisions to our presentation. Also, this one was going on to New Hampshire and then Colorado, so I didn't go crazy and include as much as I do.
I did, of course, make him a little journal to go back with! Here are a few photos from some past Flat Stanleys. I'll confess, the first one was still my favorite. Maybe it's because I got to dress him.

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