Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Aloha! I'm back from Maui and full of aloha. My trip was everything I had hoped it would be, plus more. Relaxing, refreshing and just what I needed.

There's something about Hawaii that you can't help but let affect you. Yes, of course it's beautiful. The palm trees, sunsets, rainbows and waterfalls really are as plentiful as you read about. For me though, it's the aloha spirit that is really what I go there for. The aloha spirit is what refreshes me and just makes me so, well . . . happy. More than just a greeting that you hear, aloha is a spirit that is deeply embedded in the Hawaiian culture. It's a way of treating other people, living in a community and valuing what is important. It's what I try to bring home with me and hold onto every day.

We spent a week on West Maui, and then our last three nights in the small town of Hana. It was an incredible experience and I'll be sharing lots of highlights this week.

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