Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hawaii Journal

For my upcoming trip to Maui, I finally got my journal made and my art supply kit all packed up. I decided to make some bookcloth for the cover using a piece of fabric with a super cute Hawaiian print.
Not to be completely without a map, I stitched a little map of Maui on the front page.
The pages are a mix of artists papers, and I put in a few envelopes throughout to stash some treasures. I also perforated some of the last pages, in case I need a slip of paper that I need to give to someone.
The supply kit is basically my standard and all ready to go!

I'm so looking forward to unplugging, relaxing and coming back feeling refreshed. Also, as this has been one of the worst winters for Rhode Island, I'm just really looking forward to being warm!!!

1 comment:

  1. Awesome!
    Love the journal and love the fabric you used for the covers!
    Wonderful journaling kit too!
    You're gonna have soooo much fun in Hawai'i! I lived on Oahu for 10 years and during winter (lol!) I get severely homesick... ; )