Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Craftacular: The Recap

The fact that I'm blogging today in my pajamas, with a cold and sipping hot tea, gives you an idea of just how crazy the last couple of weeks were as I prepared for this past weekend. Today my body forced me to slow day, and focus on things like chicken pho for lunch, and relaxing (while also doing paperwork, laundry, and blogging).
The cold is worth it though, I had an awesome weekend. First, I spent Friday and Saturday in Northampton, MA at an awesome show, Twist. Super well organized and well curated, it is a small show, chock full of amazing talent. Added bonus is getting to meet some of the artists whose work I sell at Craftland, but I've never met in person. My new tablecloth, made especially for me by my mom, made its debut and looked awesome! I got lots of compliments, and lots of people asking if she takes orders!
Sunday was Craftopia in Pawtucket. This is the second Craftopia show, and the holiday version proved to be just as awesome as the one in the spring. Again, super well curated and organized, with the added bonus of the Chez Pascal truck there for lunch!
No time to rest for long. Now starts my heavy push on my Etsy shop, restocking for the big Craftland holiday show, as well as restocking at Swish and at Make in Dallas. Plus, I have one more indoor show in December. I guess I'll rest in January, hopefully on a beach somewhere while holding a drink with an umbrella in it.

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  1. It was great seeing you at Twist. I also ended up with a cold after this weekend!