Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Levi's, Part 2

Hopefully you will all remember the awesome traveling journal project I worked on for Levi's this past summer. (If not, you can read about it here.) This fall, I was lucky enough to get to do a second part for this project. Myself and one other bookbinder (Rhonda, of My Handbound Books) were asked to make 5 books each, to be sold at the TEDWomen Conference that's happening in Washington DC next Tuesday and Wednesday.
The books I made were similar in style to the ones that I regularly make, I just used different paper on the inside, and included some of the branding that they sent me, specific for this project.
If any of you are lucky enough to be attending this incredible conference, please check out the Urban Zen Store at the TEDWomen Conference to see my books in person. (And feel free to send me some photos!) All proceeds from their sale will be donated to the Global Fund for Women.

Once again, I'm so excited that I got to continue to be a part of this incredible project!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Make Shop & Studio, Dallas

Last week I spent the holiday with D's family in Dallas, Texas. The highlights naturally included hanging out with family and eating way too much food. (I know Thanksgiving is supposed to be about turkey, but look at these homemade Vietnamese spring rolls, or chả giò, my favorite!)

While there I got to visit Make Shop & Studio, the newest store to be carrying my books.
I first met Julie, the owner of Make, about a year ago when she was visiting Providence and came shopping in Craftland. She's also the designer behind 2Enju, whose bags we carry at Craftland. I was so excited to get to see Make in person. It's part store specializing in handmade goodness, (with an incredible collection of garments) and it's part studio where they have classes.
Located in the Bishop Arts District, in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas, this part of town felt nothing like what I expected Dallas to feel like. It was small and intimate, with a great collection of independent stores and restaurants and an almost small city feel.

That section of town also contains Indiegenius, a micro boutique marketplace.
Basically, local artists set up a booth for their products, and then there's a main check out area, so everyone doesn't have to be there all the time.
If you're in the area, be sure to check out both places!

PS: Absolutely loved this sign at Make.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Weekend Craftacular: The Recap

The fact that I'm blogging today in my pajamas, with a cold and sipping hot tea, gives you an idea of just how crazy the last couple of weeks were as I prepared for this past weekend. Today my body forced me to slow day, and focus on things like chicken pho for lunch, and relaxing (while also doing paperwork, laundry, and blogging).
The cold is worth it though, I had an awesome weekend. First, I spent Friday and Saturday in Northampton, MA at an awesome show, Twist. Super well organized and well curated, it is a small show, chock full of amazing talent. Added bonus is getting to meet some of the artists whose work I sell at Craftland, but I've never met in person. My new tablecloth, made especially for me by my mom, made its debut and looked awesome! I got lots of compliments, and lots of people asking if she takes orders!
Sunday was Craftopia in Pawtucket. This is the second Craftopia show, and the holiday version proved to be just as awesome as the one in the spring. Again, super well curated and organized, with the added bonus of the Chez Pascal truck there for lunch!
No time to rest for long. Now starts my heavy push on my Etsy shop, restocking for the big Craftland holiday show, as well as restocking at Swish and at Make in Dallas. Plus, I have one more indoor show in December. I guess I'll rest in January, hopefully on a beach somewhere while holding a drink with an umbrella in it.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekend Craftacular!

My lack of blog postings recently can be contributed to one thing, this weekend! It's been a frenzy of crafting as I get ready for three days in a row of craft shows. If you're in New England, and looking for some stuff to do, I highly recommend checking out one or both of these awesome shows.
Twist Craft Fair
Tonight and all day tomorrow is Twist in Northampton, MA. I did Twist for the first time in the spring, and it was one of my favorite shows. I was so excited to be accepted in this juried show for the holidays. Check out the Twist site for directions and times.
Then on Sunday, I'll be at Craftopia: The Holiday Edition in Pawtucket, RI. The first Craftopia ever was back in April, and was a lot of fun. Based on the list of vendors, I'm guessing the holiday edition will be just as great. Check out the Rhody Craft site for details, and be sure to come by. (As if the crafters were reason enough to come, the ridiculously amazing Chez Pascal truck will also be there.)

This holiday season, help your local economy and the many thriving microbusinesses of talented entrepreneurs. Buy handmade and feel good about where you're spending your money.