Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Providence Open Market: The Recap

Saturday was a fun day at the Providence Open Market. The weather was absolutely perfect, and there was a bustle in the air. The overlap with the Farmers Market was a good thing for those of us selling non-edible handmade goodness. It was great to see friends both selling and buying.
Suzanne from Tanner Glass was next to me. Nice to see her there selling after a rough spring and summer. First, studio destroyed in the flood (remember?) and then broken foot all summer!
Lunch, as predicted, came from the incredible Hewtin's Dogs Mobile, the truck of porky goodness from Chez Pascal. These sandwiches are incredible and have become a highlight of the my day when I'm selling there. (It's so bad that I actually prefer to be located in the part of the park nearest them, so I can see when they're open!)
See you all there again next weekend! Two more outdoor shows for me, then I can get those tent weights out of the trunk of my car! I can't wait!

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