Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weaving Project

Lately, I've been feverishly making books and cards, all the while with my huge loom in the studio, with a warp I put on in a flash of inspiration. (Remember?) The other day, I finally stopped and realized . . . that was February when I put that warp on????? Gulp. I haven't touched it since!

My goal for this summer is to actually give myself some time off. Imagine? Lately my schedule is two days in the studio, three days working at Craftland, one day at the Open Market, I should allow myself Sunday to relax, right? As much as I love that my little handmade business is growing, and I actually make money off of selling stuff I make (!), it often leaves little time for being creative, and making stuff that I don't intend to sell.

I think what was stalling me with this warp was trying to think of an end use for it. What will this be? How will I use it? Can I sell it? So, on Sunday, I just let myself weave. Does it need an end use? My loom had been unused for about 4 years, and then in the past year that it's been set up again, I had used it once. Maybe I just need to let myself ease back into it, remember the feel of doing it and actually allow myself some quiet, creative time that I'm not thinking about price points and profit margins.

What a relief. Maybe it was the Pura Vida card I designed, or that the sun is out again, but it's now on my list of things to do to actually relax and refresh.

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  1. Hooray for weaving! So glad you've taken some time just for yourself... Especially with the warping out of the way, the weaving part can be very meditative and relaxing. (Too funny, I'm a weaver, but my latest forays have been into bookbinding. Kristins thinking alike or something.)