Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Twist IV: The Recap!

This past weekend I participated in Twist, a two day show in Northampton, Massachusetts. My blog void last week can be blamed on my pre-show frenzy. I was trying desperately to get my display looking good, and I was feverishly trying to bind as many books as possible. The result was being totally exhausted, but with a table top display that I thought looked good, and was full of books. (I even had overflow that I could keep adding to keep it looking full.)
A bunch of us drove up together, and were set up near each other, Rhode Island Row as we were referring to it. I especially enjoyed meeting in person some of the Craftland artists whose work I try hard to sell every week and it was also fun to meet new artists and see some new and exciting work. Here are a few photos, and the rest I've uploaded onto my Flickr page.
Seeing a rainbow before loading up the car was an extra treat.

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