Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rhode Island Hike

Two weeks ago (was it really that long) we did another hike from the Weekend Walks in Rhode Island book that we love so much. This one took us out to Matunuck, RI. We've been trying to do the coastal ones lately since the traffic will be too much in the heart of summer. This one was in the National Wildlife Refuge, Trustom Pond. I learned from the volunteer working that day, that for such a tiny state, we have a lot of protected areas because we're a stop on so many migration routes. I have a thing for migrations, so this idea really appealed to me. Here are a few photos from our day.


  1. looks beautiful... tim and I never got around to doing those while we lived there.

  2. I love that last shot of the makes me want to climb right in the photo.

  3. Looks gorgeous! I have to pick up that book! I didn't realize there were trails in Rhode Island though I have heard of spots you can visit orchids in the wild. Who knew! Thanks for sharing! : )