Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gracias Cards

I'm currently working on a stationery collection inspired by some of my travels. I previously made an Aloha card and Mahalo card inspired by trips to Hawaii. In order to have it less Hawaii-centric, I designed and printed a card inspired by my recent trip to Ecuador and am currently working one based on my 2007 trip to Costa Rica. My Ecuador inspired card simply reads ¡Gracias! and has a border pattern along the top and bottom.
One of the reasons that Ecuador appealed to me as a destination, was its rich textile history. As a textile designer and weaver, I have a special interest in a place's unique textile history and how that plays a part in their culture. One such technique that is practiced in Ecuador is backstrap weaving and seeing it in person was a highlight of my trip. (I blogged about that experience here.) While in Otavalo, I bought a piece of weaving made by José Cotacachi (that's José weaving in the second video of that blog posting) and it was this piece that I based this pattern on.
An interesting side note, before traveling to Ecuador I had bought a used book from 1987 about Otavalo weaving. Upon returning, I was flipping through this book and saw a photo of a much younger José. Here he is photographed winding a warp.
These cards have been Gocco printed on a curry colored card stock. The word Gracias has a slight texture to it and is printed in brown ink. (I love the exclamations points in this typeface. The challenge was finding a typeface that didn't make it look like iGracias.) The diamond border is printed in a rich purple. The card comes with a chocolate brown envelope. I just listed them in my Etsy shop and they made their debut at Twist.

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