Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gallery Opening Tonight

Tonight there's a lot going on Downcity. Come on down to the Craftland Gallery's opening reception. The new exhibit is called Souvenir Stand and was guest-curated by local artist Liz Sheehan.
Souvenirs – French for “to remember” – are inherently contradictory. Though they evoke powerful memories for their owners, and may have high sentimental value, these objects are often cheaply and anonymously mass-produced in countries far from their point of sale. As an alternative, the artists in this exhibition share an intent to restore the maker’s biography to the souvenir, creating unique objects that reference both personal history and regional identity.
The reception is from 5-8, so please stop by and see the show and say hello. If you're interested in what it takes to curate an exhibit, Liz will be teaching a class in the School of Craft on June 9 about the art of curating. More info is here.

Some of the local pop-up RISD galleries will also be having a block party tonight, so there will be plenty of art around to visit.

Come on down!

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