Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Arts in Rhode Island Spring Show, the recap

This past Saturday was a gorgeous spring day, and we had a lot of fun at our Arts in Rhode Island spring show. It was great to see everyone, and catch up and see what everyone is making. I was pretty much sewing books the whole time as I chatted. Special thanks to Jyll for organizing and letting us all set up in her gallery, West Side Arts. Here are some photos from the day, click on each photo to go to the artist's Etsy shop.
One of the highlights for me, this skirt made by Katelyn of PhriendlyK8 Threads. That middle panel of fabric was familiar to me, I had those sheets as a kid! So fun to see that pattern given new life in this dress.
Always love seeing Lisa from Pink Lemonade Boutique coming and going from any show. Cracks me up.
The night before the show, I made D a new shirt for Craft Show Season 2010. Last year's shirt was just OK, I realized after making it that the paper should be used on light colored shirts. (See what I mean, here.) It made a difference for sure putting it on a new, light shirt. This heat transfer paper is awesome if you want to make just one of something, but I still don't think it's that great on knits since it does crack a little when it gets stretched. Still, for my purpose it works well. I love that D kept it on all day as he ran his errands. It always gets chuckles at a craft show, but confused looks at places like the supermarket or mall.


  1. Your photos of everyone's work are lovely, but that shirt takes the cake! I might have to make one of those for a certain somebody :)

  2. this is awesome! I would love to have some of the photos for the WSA blog and my personal blog.. thanks

  3. I had those sheets, too! Nice day - products all look fabulous and I'll check out a couple; thanks for linking to the shops.