Monday, April 19, 2010

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Saturday D & I drove up to Portsmouth, New Hampshire for a night away. Only 2 hours from Providence, Portsmouth is a small New England city full of great independent shops, restaurants, and a lot of historical charm.
Some of the highlights were stopping into one of my favorite book stores, Gulliver's Travel Books, meeting Deb from the fabulous shop/gallery Nahcotta and checking out a new letterpress stationery store, Gus and Ruby. We had a delicious tapas dinner at a place we've been meaning to try for awhile, Cava, which included one of my favorite tastes of spring, fiddleheads.
We also walked through a cluster of historical buildings that we seemed to have missed on previous visits. Their closeness and colorful exteriors gave a feeling of stepping back in time.
The only drag was the cold, wet weather. My new rain boots got a lot of use! (All the credit for these great photos goes to D.)

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  1. There's something so charming about NH... really like the plum house!