Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Knitting Project

I started a new knitting project on Sunday for a new little baby who is coming in June. People I know always seem to have babies in groups, so this is baby sweater #1 of 3 that I'll be working on between now and October. I've made this one about 4 times before, and I just love it. I love knitting cables, and the buttons at the top of this sweater help get it over big baby heads. (I got the pattern in this Knitting for Baby book.) Since this particular baby has an older sister who I made 2 wee sweaters for, I decided to knit this one in a toddler size, so she'll get more use out of it. I've been craving a knitting project lately, it's always a good stress relief for me, so this hits the spot. I'll update as I go along!

Want to learn to knit? I'll be teaching a class at Craftland on May 5, you can sign up here. Already know how but can't seem to make the time? Join us at Craftland's new Knitting Club to hang out with other knitters and cruise through a project, sign up for that one here.

1 comment:

  1. What a lucky baby! You're so talented. I can barely knit a coaster!