Monday, April 26, 2010

New Bookmarks & Confessions of a Reader

Last week I designed and printed (with my Gocco) new bookmarks for my shop. I'm really loving them. These were inspired by a few different things.

This first bookmark was inspired by a bookshelf cleaning & sharing project. My home is such that there's just no room for another bookshelf, and if I'm honest, it does have a fair number of books that I read and won't read again, or, ones I picked up years ago and haven't gotten to. I (obviously) am a bit of a bibliophile and find it hard to part with books and am known to only loan them to people I know will return them. But, aren't books meant to read? While some are special and I won't part with or even loan out, plenty of others can be enjoyed by other readers and should be passed around and sent out to the world.

This second bookmark was inspired by all this iPad and Kindle talk lately. While I love almost everything Steve Jobs touches, and can definitely see some good purposes for an iPad or a Kindle, I do still have a thing for real books. The paper, the smell, the feel. So much of my life is spent in front of a computer, and I love my computer, but I also think it's good to have some other sensations in life that involve more of your senses. Not to mention, a year ago I was on a flight behind a woman with a Kindle and she had to turn it off when all electronic devices have to be turned off. She sat there reading the Sky Mall magazine! It's bad enough the iPod has to go off then, the thought of not being able to read then freaked me out. What if you had to sit on the runway for an hour?

The last bookmark was inspired by the current book pile (5 high) on the nightstand next to me. Why am I not getting through them faster? The answer, partly, is the time I spend on the computer. I love Twitter, blogs, Etsy, all my online haunts, but I also love that feeling of unplugging when I go on vacation. Lately, I've been trying to force myself to unplug more often when I'm home so I can enjoy relaxing.

All bookmarks are on sale in my Etsy shop!


  1. Love these - had to have all three!

  2. Your bookmarks are fabulous! I need one that says "Read books, not blogs". :)

  3. Elissa, that's a good one. I could probably do a whole collection of them! I'm determined to get through a lot of books this summer!

  4. Kristin, these are great!!!! Nicely done!