Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gocco Project: Hope Anchor

It's been awhile since I brought out the Gocco. Yesterday I printed some new cards. This design is based on the Hope anchor from our state seal. Little bit of trivia, the anchor is on our state seal because of this bible passage that Roger Williams found inspiring, "Hope is the anchor of the soul."

I had taken a photo of the anchor on a recent walk around town, and then worked with the shape a bit to try and get something a little interesting. Printed it in blue, felt fitting in both the nautical sense and since we're such a blue little state.

I think I held down the Gocco a bit too long when I made the screen, you can see some of the texture of the pad, which I don't actually mind all that much since it adds a little texture to the otherwise flat shape. So, this is my test run, if these prove to start selling, I may redo the screen.

Felt good to Gocco, and doing it always reminds me that it's not as easy as it looks. Gocco masters like Heather Jeany have really expert skills.

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