Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Any regular reader of this blog knows that I'm addicted to scarves. I have more than I'll ever need, but they're also really hard for me to resist. When I first saw these recycled accessories made by Julia Gold of Jujuknits, my interest was piqued. Part necklace, part scarf, they're very unique. From her Web site,
"I started making Jujuknits for myself when I was looking for something lightweight to wear around my neck. I've always loved wearing really soft scarves and I wanted to create something that I could wear year round. I found that using jersey knits and old t-shirts were the perfect materials...and voila! Jujuknits!"
First, I saw one on Julia, then on a few friends, and then we started carrying them at Craftland. I eventually caved, I just love the colors in this one. It's so much fun to wear, and will win you lots of compliments!

You can buy your own Jujuknit piece from Julia's Etsy shop, or if you're in Providence, you can find them at Craftland.

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  1. I'm so happy you bought this one because if you didn't I surely would have :)