Monday, March 15, 2010

Flat Stanley in Providence

Years ago D and I worked on our first Flat Stanley project for his nephew, and tomorrow I'm mailing off my second one. We love this project. We love traveling, exploring and learning about new places, so this project really appeals to us. Plus, we really love our city and love sharing with others what makes it a fun and unique place. We also have a travel mascot that we bring with us whenever we travel, so we're not shy about looking silly in public posing toys for photos. I also have a soft spot for paper dolls. All these factors combine to make us really good at this project.

Not surprisingly, they usually go home with a travel journal. This Flat Stanley's was more of a photo album or scrapbook. It's really cute. This little guy will head back to Colorado tomorrow morning and hopefully share some new info about the smallest state.

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