Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Handmade Presents

Got a few awesome handmade gifts this year, along with some gifts I gave to myself. (Casualty of working at Craftland, so much great stuff to buy!) The above Etsy Addict button was under my tree in Providence. When the person you live with gives you this type of pin, then it's obvious that your secret is out. Here I thought he believed me when I told him I was reading the NYTimes. You can get yourself one here, at Etsy shop Allegrae. Handmade in Hollywood, CA.

The pin next to it shows the lat/long for Providence, RI. Bought at Craftland, made by Abby Saunders of The Nest. Both on my inspiration board which is handmade by me out of corks. (When you live with someone whose hobby is wine and food, you wind up with a lot of corks around the house.)

Tomorrow I'll post the rest of the handmade goodness I received or bought for myself this holiday season!


  1. i hear you on the addiction of buying lovely handmade items while working at craftland!