Monday, January 18, 2010

Ecuador Travel Journal & Supplies

We leave for Quito tomorrow morning and I can't wait! Yesterday I finished up my travel journal and packed up all my travel art supplies to bring. For my journal, I decided to go with plain lotka paper on the cover, and mount some tiny weavings that I had done years ago. One of the main reasons I wanted to go to Ecuador was because of the Andean weaving culture, so I wanted to include fabric somehow in my journal and these little swatches seemed the perfect solution. Not to be completely map-free, I have an Ecuador map as the end papers and used a map of Quito for a title page. I also compiled a list of textile terms and their Spanish translations and put that into the journal. I want to be able to communicate when I'm at the Otavalo market. Also included in this journal little pockets sprinkled throughout so I can tuck in business cards or whatever else I pick up along the way. Also decided to print out a bunch of little cards with our hotel and address on it to easily communicate to taxi drivers.

My tools include:
  • Pencil and pens. Micron pens in a couple of different sizes, and both black and sepia. Then a Pilot precise pen which I like because it's water soluble, so I can use it with my water pens.
  • Caran d'ache water soluble wax pastels. These are not great for mixing to get the perfect color, but are great to use with my water pen and easily add color without carrying around too much.
  • Trusty glue stick.
  • Pair of small scissors. (Packed with my checked bag)
  • My travel watercolor set. This one is a little bigger, so I don't usually carry it with me all the time, but I like to have it with me if the occasion arises that I can spend a little more time. Not sure it'll come in handy as much in Quito, but perfect for hanging on a beach.
  • Small water bottle to use with the watercolor set.
  • Empty slide frame. I'm not great at drawing or painting, so I use this little frame when I need to focus on something. Just holding it out and peering through it often helps me get a good composition together.
  • Water pens. Easily my favorite tool. Fill these with water and you suddenly don't need an extra water bottle, extra brush. Perfect for when you only want to carry a few supplies with you.

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  1. Very usefull info!
    In 2 weeks I'm doing the Ecuador travel I've been planning for a long time!
    I'll pay atention to this stuff to be prepared! thanks :)