Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ecuador First Day

Here are some photos from our first day in Ecuador. The first day we did a walking tour of Old Town, Quito and then went up to the equator. D is a geographer, and I make books with maps, so being at the equator was geo-geeky cool for us!

La Catedral Metropolitana, in the Plaza Grande, the heart of Old Town Quito, or Centro Historico.

Inside the San Francisco monastary, the oldest monastery in all the Americas.

La Compania de Jesus, known as Quito's Sistine Chapel for its amazingly painted ceiling. Most of the inside is covered in gold leaf.

At La Mitad del Mundo, the middle of the world.

Silly touristy photo, but it had to be done. One foot in each hemisphere.


  1. sooooo awesome! I can't wait to see more!

  2. I love all the geo-geeky stuff, too. Even Andy got excited when we looked at where you were on the globe and he remembered that the equator is the "hottest place on Earth!" Is "Ecuador" Spanish for "equator"? Guess I could wiki that but your trip made me wonder...

  3. Yup, Kara, Ecuador is Spanish for equator. This was the place a team of European geographers and scientists figured out where the equator was. At the time is one of the few areas near a city and hospitable to be exploring from. Of course, it was already the spot of many indigenous sacred places. The Incas (who worshiped the sun) already had a huge place marking the equator because they used that spot for ceremonies at the equinox (when the sun is directly overhead and you cast no shadow) and solstice (when it's farthest away and they want it to come back and help their harvest). They called the equator the pathway of the sun.