Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow Day

Late Saturday night some snow moved up along the east coast and didn't stop until half way through Sunday. It was the first big snow storm of the year, and I actually enjoyed it. Last week was super busy and I was feeling exhausted. It felt so good to have a day that I couldn't leave the house. While I will admit to sewing a few books, and even making a quick last minute custom order, I also did some regular life stuff like watch a movie (Frost Nixon, awesome) and sew on that button that fell off weeks ago. Felt good. As grateful as I am for having had a great holiday selling season, I'll admit to being ready for the quiet that follows. (Quiet follows, right?)


  1. i napped for like 2 hours and went to bed early. it may have been my most productive day in terms of energy-reviving in all of 2009

  2. It was a very peaceful day! Although it inspired me to work work work as well!!