Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Champagne & Cookies

I'll admit it, the kitchen is not the room in the house where I find inspiration. (Thankfully, D does, so it works out). Still, I do like to bake occasionally and Christmas cookies are a favorite. My number one fave (which I'm having for breakfast as I type this) is what my family refers to as wreath cookies. Made up of little more than butter, cream cheese, flour and sugar, these are always a hit and remembered fondly by anyone who has ever had one.

Yesterday I didn't have to be at Craftland, and didn't allow myself in the studio. Instead, I did normal life stuff, like shop for a few presents, and bake cookies. I made the famous wreath cookies, along with sesame seed cookies and a classic, oatmeal raisin. I used the oatmeal raisin recipe from the Joy of Cooking and it turned out great.

Cookies were paired with some delicious bubbly, chilled down in honor of exceeding my seasonal sales goals. Woo-hoo!!! I hope all my crafty friends had an awesome selling season and get to enjoy some normal life stuff too.


  1. Your wreath cookies look great and combined with the bubbly - extra great. Have a wonderful Christmas Kristen, and I hope 2010 is full of good things for you. Carol

  2. Those sesame seed cookies were the best! You should post the recipe... please.