Monday, November 9, 2009

Potato Printing at Craftland!

Saturday I taught my first class at Craftland. Two fun students learned how to use a regular baking potato to jazz up a set of dinner napkins. Potato printing is so easy to do, so fast to pick up, doesn't require a lot of extra tools and is a quick way to make something more unique and your own. The two students first got the hang of carving their potatoes and printing on linen fabric scraps, before moving onto a set of 6 white dinner napkins. I brought with me a set of purple napkins that I've had for ages, and printed on them and make them new again. The students were a pleasure and it was so fun to see their beautiful work. The School of Craft has a few more classes this November, and then will take a break while Craftland gets its Holiday groove on, but will be back in January with more classes.

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