Friday, October 2, 2009


Just when you thought this project was laid to rest, comes the finishing. This is usually a step I should do right away, before I lose steam. The weaving is usually a lot more fun than the finishing, but still, it needs to be done.
In order to decide how to finish my placemats, I pulled out a book that is a standard on any weaver's bookshelf, Finishes in the Ethnic Tradition. I'm thinking I like the fringe, which I didn't think I would, so now I'm trying to pick a finish that would also let me keep the fringe, but without the fabric falling apart and fraying. Finished photos to follow when I'm done!

A few other things, I'm the featured member this month on the Arts in RI blog! Read the interview here.

Also, if the weather cooperates, I'll be at the Providence Open Market tomorrow selling some books. Here are the details. I really hope it doesn't pour, which is seeming kind of likely.

Lastly, I'm happy scarf season is in full swing. I'm wearing this one today and I love it!

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