Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Cobbler with no Shoes

Saturday I'm heading out to Phoenix, Arizona to join D on a business trip. I'm excited. I need a break and since he'll be working, I'll have time to myself to lounge around and do nothing. (!) I'm purposely not bringing my Mac so that I maximize the relaxation before the holiday crafting madness sets in.

Not surprisingly, I have no appropriate journal to bring. When I went to Colorado in April, I didn't have a good one to bring, but I brought one that I liked the inside, just not the outside (too Christmas-y) with plans to rebind it. Since I have plenty of room in that one to last me through this trip, I thought I should combine. The plan (if I can get this done by tomorrow) is to have Colorado on one side and Arizona on the other, but bind it so that one is upside down, so each starts from the front, depending on how you hold it. This is the plan, we'll see if it gets accomplished in time. If not, it'll just get rebound when I get back, but I'm determined to do it before I leave because I could see this project never actually getting finished if I don't. I'll check in tomorrow night and let you know how I did, and what else I have packed in my travel journal kit.


  1. Love that idea for the two-sided journal. Have fun and enjoy the no-Mac time

  2. That's a great idea. I like the idea of 2 uses and 2 starting points. Thanks for sharing!