Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Arizona Travel Journal

Here's a shot of what I brought with me to Arizona in my art supply kit, and a few shots from my journal. I'll admit that I wish my watercolor skills were far better than they are, but for me it's more about absorbing the view and taking it all in, than about painting a perfect image. This first photo is of something I always enjoy, little swatches of the colors I'm looking at.

I always try for window seats on planes, I'm fascinated by the perspective of the landscape and how humans have settled into different places. Arizona was gorgeous to fly into. Miles and miles of desert, mountains , canyons, volcano cones, and then suddenly the suburban sprawl starts. On the way home I packed a few essentials so I could do a few little sketches as we flew.

The view of suburban sprawl from the air, always makes me think of the opening credits of the TV show Weeds. See what I mean, here.

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