Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekend Awesomeness

This weekend is going to be filled with awesomeness. To start with, tonight is the grand opening party at Craftland. Get on over there between 5 and 9 for some crafty fun.

Saturday is the Providence Open Market and the weather should be great for it this weekend. Stop by and say hi, I'll be sharing a booth with the talented Heather Jeany. Lippit Park also hosts the Farmer's Market, so pick up a hot apple cider and make your way over to buy some handmade goodness. After a little siesta, head into town for a Waterfire. We all know that autumn is the best season for Waterfire, so don't miss it!

Sunday is pretty much the highlight for me, I'm going to see U2! U2 is pretty much my favorite band ever and I pretty much turn into a 15 year old whenever anything U2-related is going on. I'll be seeing them Sunday up here, then Wednesday and Thursday in New Jersey. Next week I'll do a serious U2 posting to tell you how it was, but for now know that Sunday night I'll be in my happy place loving life.

Have a good weekend, everyone!