Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This past week I've been putting my loom to work for me. In keeping with my original plan of doing something fast and easy, just to get me going, I decided to weave 2 placemats. I didn't allow myself much in terms of design elements. I just wanted a border on each side, and I wanted the center to be a simple weave structure. In this case, I used an 8 harness satin for the border, and wove with an interesting textured yarn. Then for the center I used the same yarn for the weft that I had used for the warp (8/3 mercerized cotton), and wove in a simple basket weave (or I guess it was technically a rib, I had 2 ends working together, but only 1 pick).

Weaving the simple center section of the placemats. My selvedges are less than perfect, but this is just to warm up, right?

Weaving! Yay! I push on the treadles with my feet, which lift up certain ends and a shed opens (see the shed) then I pass the shuttle carrying the weft (which is wound onto a bobbin) from one side to the other.

Then I bring the reed forward, pushing the weft yarn into the body of the fabric. This is also referred to as beating.

Look, fabric!

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