Monday, September 21, 2009

Potential Sewing Project

I was in high school during the early 90s when grunge had a huge impact on fashion. I won't get into the different high school cliques and who wore what, but let's just say that I fell into the category that wore jeans every day and placed a high level of importance on t-shirts. What sucks is that all the t-shirts I have from that era (a lot of which are cool) are size XL! This wasn't because I actually fit into an XL, but because it was fashionable to wear everything HUGE!

This brings me to my dilemma, I have some super cool U2 t-shirts circa Zoo TV tour that I would love to wear. Yesterday, I tried to take one in simply, but realized it'll take a little more work. I pretty much need to take it apart, cut a few inches off, and sew it together again.

Let's see if I'm inspired to do this tomorrow to prepare for the 2 shows I'm going to in NJ this week. Above photo is the shirt I have from the 2005 tour, which I wear often, and the shirt from 1991, which I just resurrected from a box of shirts in my parents basement. (Keep in mind my actual body size hasn't changed much.)

(By the way, last night's show was awesome!)

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  1. that's so funny, i had some big-arse t-shirts that i could practically swim around inside.
    I'd be inclined to transform the old shirt into book cloth and make a book, since I'm terrible at altering clothing (altough, kinda hard to wear it that way,lol!)