Thursday, September 3, 2009


My first warp is off already! I had kept it short, to get myself weaving and to get some instant gratification. Yesterday I finished weaving and cut it off the loom. I wove 2 placemats, little borders and plain on the inside and then decided to use up some bobbins.
I realized that pretty much all the bobbins I had were full of yarn, some of them with yarn I don't even have the cone of anymore. (I had donated a bunch of yarn to RISD a few years ago in a move.) I decided that to use up the yarn, I would do a series of studies, using just the neutral yarns that I had and experiment with mixing them. For structure, I used a crowfoot, also known as a 4 harness satin. It pretty much used up some of the bobbins and the rest of the warp.
Just cut off the loom.

The studies I did to chose the yarn for the borders of the placemats. I chose the green, which is a chenille twisted with some slubs.

Neutral studies

And another neutral study

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  1. the second neutral study is especially a favorite. You can see lots of texture in it. Oh, I miss weaving!