Monday, August 24, 2009

Three Things I Love in Providence

I had a fun birthday weekend. (Thanks to everyone who sent me good wishes!) I spent the weekend doing lots of things around town and by Sunday night was definitely feeling the love for my little city and the things that are so unique to Providence. Here are three of my faves:

1. Movies on the Block. If you haven't been to this, you don't know what you're missing. Sort of an urban drive-in, it's right downtown in an empty lot. They show a movie on a screen on the side of a building and people bring chairs and blankets for viewing. Best part, it's free! We saw For Your Eyes Only.
2. Venda Ravioli. Friday, we enjoyed a delicious birthday lunch here. Venda serves lunch all year, but it's best enjoyed in the summer when you can sit outside in DePasquale Square. It has the best antipasto ever and is such a relaxing and delicious way to spend a few hours. Hands down, best lunch in town.
3. Waterfire. Worthy of an entire post, but for now just know that if you haven't been, go soon. It's something equally enjoyed by locals, tourists, and people coming in from the suburbs. (What's the Providence equivalent of bridge and tunnel people?) Saturday night was also one of the dancing nights, the theme was swing. How cool to have a live band, a street closed off for a dance floor, and people of all ages and backgrounds dancing their hearts out on a summer night? You won't find an event like this anywhere else in the country. It's so unique and so enjoyed.

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