Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Step 1: Plan & Wind Warp

I need to be honest, readers, Friday is my birthday and I'm one of those people who loves birthdays. My year revolves around my birthday, it's my own personal New Years. Reflecting on my year, making goals, all that happens for me on August 21. It's also often a self-imposed deadline for me. I often have things I want done "by my birthday."

This year, one of those things was having a warp on my loom. I was trying to think when I last wove something and I'm horrified to think it was probably 2002, and then from 2006-2009 it was stored in a basement. (Granted, at the time, I was employed full time designing woven fabric all day, so I think I was less inspired to come home and weave. Now, with fabric far from my day to day life, I miss it.) When we were looking for a new place, one of the requirements for me was having enough room to have my loom out of storage. Once moved, I started with the "I'm going to have a warp on by my birthday." Which only changed slightly to "I should at least have a warp wound, and in the process of being on my loom."

I'm happy to report that yesterday I planned out a super easy first project and wound a warp. I decided I wanted to weave something for our new home, so I'm going for some easy placemats. I was secretly a little worried that maybe I'd forget how to do it, or forget some steps, but it was as if I'd done it yesterday. When I showed the finished warp to D last night, he said "Interesting, now what do you do with it?" I think he's excited to see how the above cone of yarn, will turn into placemats.

I'll be sharing this first project as it progresses. For now, enjoy photos of the warp winding. I wish I had a photo of the warp still on the warping mill, but I got anxious to get it off and forgot to take a photo!

Figuring out my ends per inch. Same ruler I used back in college.

Warping mill set up. This was previously owned by my weaving teacher from college, Bhakti Ziek. I love that it has its own history. I also love this photo of it set up on the rug I brought back from Istanbul, a trip I went on with Bhakti.

Warp ready to go! Next step, put it on my loom.

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