Thursday, August 13, 2009

Keeping with the Theme

Some of you may remember a post I did back in April about an awesome housewarming gift from D. It was a great print by JHill Designs, who I've had a design crush on for ages. Well, this past weekend we got another of her awesome prints from our weekend visitor as another housewarming gift. This time, Kilauea, Hawaii.
D & I both love Hawaii and love that Kilauea is the name of the volcano on the Big Island, and also the name of a town and great lookout spot (below) on Kauai. It's the perfect print for our new place! (Thanks, Kara!)


  1. I am holding out for a Vermont version of one of these!

  2. You're welcome! Was so happy to learn about these prints from your blog - I like 'em, too. Thanks for the story/info: I picked it for the Kauai connection and was interested to learn that it's also a volcano on the big island. So happy for you and David to be together, had to get a worthy housewarming gift.