Friday, August 28, 2009

The final step

So, there's one thing left to do before I can actually start weaving. Basically, now that my warp in on the loom and threaded, I need to be able to open a shed to put a weft yarn (pick). To refresh, my loom is threaded with ends going through heddles, those heddles are attached to harnesses. Now I have to make certain harnesses lift up, while others stay down, this will make a shed. Which yarns go up and which stay down depends on how I designed the weave structure, so I need to tell the loom which ends to raise and in what order. For each pick I add, different ends will raise. This is what makes fabric, the interlacing of two systems of yarn, warp and weft (aka: ends and picks).

To do this, I tie up my treadles. Treadles are the pedals that I'll operate with my feet. This involves these handy little hooks that I put on each treadle, according to the weave structure. Then I can press down on the treadles with my feet, in the correct order and weave away with my hands. (Is this too techy for non-weavers and too boring for weavers?)

Have a good weekend, readers! Hopefully I'll get some weaving done this weekend and show you some experiments.

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