Monday, August 17, 2009

Farmer's Market!

I'll confess, I'm not the chef in the house. While I love eating, the cooking is not so fun for me. Thankfully, I live with a foodie and can enjoy all the goodness without having to learn how to cut an onion properly or how to reduce things.

Still, I love going to the Farmer's Markets here in Providence. I usually hold the tote bag with the goodies, and snap photos with my camera. It's such an overload to the senses. Everything just looks so pretty and fresh. The colors are gorgeous, the smells overwhelming and the little tastes go a long way. It's also great to see how bustling the market is, helping our local farmers and getting excited over salad greens and beets.

These photos are from the market that's on the East Side at Lippit Park on Saturday mornings. Check it out next week!

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