Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What is it about maps?

Sometimes I wonder how it is I ended up making (almost exclusively) map journals. June had a lot of craft shows for me where I found it really fun to talk to people about why they love maps so much. Anyone with a minor map addiction, felt the need to tell me about it.

It's gotten me thinking, what is it about maps people love so much? I always intended my books as travel journals, but I'm learning that people buy them for more reasons than just traveling.
  • People like maps that shows where their home is. (It's almost a guaranteed sale if someone's street is on the journal, or if their very small town is on it.)
  • People like maps of their home town, when they're far way from it.
  • People like maps of far away lands they want to dream about going to, and foreign cities they have been to and loved.
  • People like maps for an actual planned trip and I love when they show me "I'm going to be right there." As if pointing to the name will transport them there. (I do feel a twinge of jealousy at some of the places my journals have gotten to go.)
  • People like maps to see how the world has changed. How Africa has freed itself from colonizers, how Berlin has returned to one city or how Vietnam has become one country.
I did a quick map search on Etsy to find some other super cool map inspired products. Enjoy! (I was the lucky recipient of one of Anne Holman's necklaces of one of my favorite cities, Portland. See a photo here.)

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